On September 27, 2018 we contributed to the Mid-Autumn Festival at the Kim Son Charity School. Kim Son has run a primary school for neighborhood children for many years, ensuring that children from poor families who cannot afford the costs of public school will receive an education. Typically, parents must buy school uniforms, textbooks, school supplies, and pay school fees. At Kim Son, all the costs are free for the children.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a special holiday for children in Vietnam. There are glowing lanterns in the evening, performances, and yummy treats for the kids. This year, the nuns at Kim Son wanted to have a big celebration for all the children in their community. In preparation, the nuns and children put together lots of lanterns, balloons, and decorations. They also prepared many holiday gift bags for the community’s children. We were happy to contribute to their amazing efforts.

On the night of the festival, hundreds of children and their families gathered at the pagoda. There were speeches, songs, and performances. The children were so happy to get their own glowing lanterns and gift bags.

Our contribution to this festival came from a group of students in Japan and their product s&wish.

Thank you!!!