On September 24, 2018 we had a fun Mid-Autumn Festival party with the children of Thua Sai. Located in a peaceful country setting in Cam Ranh, to the south of Nha Trang, Thua Sai offers a home and school for children with neurological disorders whose parents cannot afford the specialized care their children require. The nuns and caretakers teach the children in classrooms on the grounds, and it is a loving home to these wonderful children.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a fun holiday for children in Vietnam, and we wanted the amazing kids at Thua Sai to have their own holiday party. After our team arrived, the caretakers gathered everyone in the main common room for games. The children formed a circle, and our team led them in lots of fun games and songs. There were big smiles and laughter all around. Next, we handed out paper lanterns and gift bags, which included traditional treats and moon cakes. It was a fun visit!

This charity trip was made possible through the kind donations of Khang Do.

Thank you!!!