On May 12, 2019 we had a fun visit to the Suoi Dau Charity Home. Located in the Suoi Dau district to the southwest of Nha Trang, the Suoi Dau Charity Home is a loving place that houses and cares for many of the community’s young boys whose families struggle to support and provide for them. The children stay at the facility year-round, sleep in dormitories, and have meals together. The caretakers provide a nurturing environment and ensure the children attend school, which is a core part of their mission. Without this home, these boys would likely follow the unfortunate pattern of many other children in this rural area and drop out of school at a young age. The amazing caretakers of this charity home ensure these children have a safe and nurturing place to grow up, receive an education, and break the cycle of poverty.

When we contacted the caretakers, they gave us a list of their specific needs and we organized a visit. We brought bags of rice, milk, meats, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish soap, and cleaning products. The children always have lots of fun when we bring balloons, and the common room makes for a great balloon playground. We handed out snacks and balloons for the children and they had lots of fun!

This visit was made possible through the kind donations of Suruchi Khemka, Thuy Nguyen, Alexandra Hughes, KTD Services LLC, and Daniel Cole.

Thank you!!!