On March 14, 2016 we visited the Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage with lots of healthy food and snacks. Loc Tho provides a free primary school to neighborhood youngsters whose parents cannot afford the costs of sending them to public school. School costs include buying school uniforms, textbooks, school supplies, lunch, and school fees. The amazing nuns at Loc Tho offer all of this for free to families in poverty, and the school currently has approximately 100 students. Loc Tho is also an orphanage, and cares for about 25 young children, some of whom were abandoned as babies at the gates.

With so many young mouths to feed, particularly at lunch time, Loc Tho generally offers only the basics of rice and vegetables. Through the enormous generosity of regular donors Lloyd and Esther, we have been providing Loc Tho with healthy food supplements on a monthly basis. Through Lloyd and Esther’s contribution, we brought vegan soy cakes, a variety of dried mushrooms, a variety of beans, meat cakes, cheese, yogurt, milk, and muffins. The muffins were a welcome morning snack for the students.

Thank you for improving the children’s health and diet!!!