On March 15, 2016 we made a fun visit to the Song Lo Orphanage. Song Lo is a small orphanage in the countryside to the west of Nha Trang, and a loving home for a group of young children. Students in Vietnam begin learning computer skills at a young age, and the orphanage had requested computers for the children to practice and learn. We were happy to bring the orphanage 2 new computers, and the orphans were eager to put them to use.

We also received a wonderful package from the USA filled with stuffed animals, toys, and school supplies. We divided it up between different places, and brought some stuffed animals to the orphans at Song Lo. Earlier in the week, the orphanage wanted to have a birthday cake for the orphans, and we were happy to sponsor the birthday party.

The computers, stuffed animals, and birthday party were all made possible through the kindness of JL Support Services. Thank you!!!

Gifts for Students

New Computers

Birthday Party