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New Cabinets, a Freezer, then Easter Dinner at the Nhan Ai Orphanage

2023-04-20T16:13:27-07:00April 20th, 2023|Nhan Ai Orphanage, Orphanages|

In April 2023 we brought some big gifts to the Nhan Ai Orphanage, then held a feast for the children. We had reached out to the nuns at the orphanage and asked if there ...

Finished Construction of the New Kitchens at the Nhan Ai Orphanage

2022-12-25T12:02:21-08:00December 25th, 2022|Nhan Ai Orphanage, Orphanages|

In December 2022 the Nhan Ai Orphanage celebrated Christmas and the completion of a large project that had been ongoing for several months. The orphanage’s previous kitchens were prone to flooding during the monsoons ...

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