On October 25, 2016 we visited a poor community with a bounty of food, basic essentials, and toys. Spearheaded by our lead coordinator, Mai Khanh, and her friends in the Guiding Light group, we contributed to this wonderful cause through the donations of Daniel Cole, Michael Le, Suruchi Khemka, and Tiendat Tran. The region they visited is in the hilly countryside of west of Nha Trang in Soui Cat village. Many of the families in these poor communities are farmers who live in poverty, and with the recent flooding in the area, they were in desperate need of help.

Working with a local pagoda and the local government, Mai Khanh’s team identified the poorest households, and arranged for a representative of each family to receive gifts of rice, noodles, cooking oil, seasonings, and bedding items. We also brought backpacks for school children, and lots of toys and snacks for the village children who came out. There were smiles all around, and it was a festive occasion.

Thank you!!!