On October 26, 2016 we sponsored a small business in a poor community of Khanh Son district. Composed of ethnic Raglay minorities, these communities in the rugged Truong Son mountains, far to the southwest of Nha Trang, are extremely poor, and few opportunities to escape the cycle of poverty that encompasses generations. We have completed several projects in this region, including providing clean drinking water and starting family-owned farms.

Some families wish to start their own small business, but lacked the resources to begin. We identified one family that desired to run a small shop out of their home, and provided them with an interest-free loan to open their community-based shop in their village. Neighbors and many of the village’s children lined up on opening day of the shop, and bought snacks to commemorate the new business. With this shop in the heart of the village, the family can support themselves and contribute to the local economy.

This project was funded by an anonymous donor from Hewlett Packard and JL Support Services.

Thank you!!!