On October 27, 2016 we completed our project to give a new roof over part of the courtyard at the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children. Thua Sai is a loving home and school for children with neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy, as well as caring for several deaf children. These children come from poor families who cannot afford the extended care needed to care for and educate their children, and the nuns at Thua Sai welcome them all with open arms. Thua Sai has classrooms, a library, and playground equipment, and is a wonderful place for the children.

The walkway around the ground floor had a very small roof protecting it, and on rainy days, the tile walkway would become slippery and hazardous, and puddles would even form in the doorways leading into the rooms. Rainy days also prevented the children from going into the courtyard to play on the swings and slides of their playground.

Thanks to the donations of JL Support Services, we built a new roof extending over the courtyard. This means the walkways will remain dry and safe, and the children can enjoy their playground even on rainy days. We also brought the children balloons and snack bags to commemorate their new roof.

Thank you!!!