On January 7, 2017 we brought essential food supplies to a poor community in Phu Yen district. Phu Yen lies 2 hours north of Nha Trang, and has many households living in poverty, with many elderlies left to fend for themselves. The local charity, Guiding Light, has one of our lead coordinators, Mai Khanh, as one of its founders. Mai Khanh and her friends in Guiding Light raised funds through friends and family, and made a plan to bring food supplies to Phu Yen. We were more than happy to contribute to their humanitarian effort.

The Guiding Light crew loaded up a truck with bags of rice, bags of seasonings and spices, and some snacks for the children, and made the long drive up to Phu Yen. They coordinated with the local government, and organized the event at the local Thanh Dong pagoda, where recipients of the aid were called up by the pagoda’s monks to receive their supplies. Afterwards, Mai Khanh and her friends went house to house in some of the local villages, delivering food supplies to people who were too ill or infirmed to come to the event.

There were many smiles on the faces of the people who received these gifts, and the children were happy to get some snacks along the way. Our contribution to this wonderful visit was made by the McDuffie family of the USA.

Thank you!!!