On January 3, 2017 we made a visit to the Kim Son Charity School with Tet gifts, and essential items to help the school. Kim Son offers free primary schooling to youngsters in the neighborhood whose parents cannot afford the costs of a public education. Using accredited teachers, the school provides children with uniforms, textbooks, backpacks, and school supplies. Kim Son also runs a free vocational school for young adults who wish to enter the garment industry.

Kim Son depends upon donations for support, and the recent flooding in Vietnam had devastated some of their facility. Upon the nuns’ request, on this visit we brought a new bookcase to replace the one destroyed in the flooding, and a new filtered drinking fountain for the children. Also, the Vietnamese new year, Tet, is approaching, and we wanted to give the students something special for the upcoming holiday. Each student received a traditional red envelope with a little money inside, which brings good luck for the new year for both the recipient and the giver.

This charity visit was made possible by donations from JL Support Services. Thank you!!!