On January 10, 2017 we brought all of the children from the Lac Thien Orphanage on a trip to buy new clothes for Tet. Lac Thien is a loving home for orphans, located in Ninh Hoa, to the north of Nha Trang. The Vietnamese new year, Tet, is the biggest holiday of the year. One of the traditions is for children to have all new clothes in order to welcome the new year. The orphans at Lac Thien never have the same opportunity as other children, and do not get to have shopping trips. Until now!

Our team met with the nuns at Lac Thien, and brought all of the orphans to the local market. The children got to go into shop after shop, trying on and picking out new outfits and shoes for themselves. Everyone had fun, and it was a wonderful experience for the orphans to get to pick out their own new clothes for Tet. Afterwards, our team took them for snacks at the market’s food court.

This wonderful trip was made possible through the kind donations of JL Support Services. Thank you!!!