On May 26, 2019 we had a fun visit to the Anh Dao Orphanage. Anh Dao is a located to the north of Nha Trang in Ninh Hoa and cares for a large group of orphans. The orphans range in age from newborn to teenagers. There are several children with neurological disorders as well as displaced elderly who live full-time at the orphanage. It’s a loving home to many, and our team always enjoys making the long drive to this wonderful place.

We had asked the head nun what their most pressing needs were and loaded up a truck with lots of essential supplies. The older children met our team at the gate and helped carry everything into the common room. With all the children gathered around, our volunteers handed out sweet breads to the children as a special treat.

On this trip, we brought bags of rice, bags of fresh bamboo, bags of mushroom varieties, packages of soy varieties, cans of baby formula, boxes of milk, canned meats, cans and packages of soups, dish soap, laundry detergent, and cleaning products.

The children had fun with their sweets, and our team got a tour of the ongoing improvement projects in the main building. It was a lovely visit!

This charity trip was made possible through the kindhearted donations of Tai Nguyen, Bridal4theWin LLC, Molly Phillips, Dan, Van, and Devin Hanyes, Michael Phan, Dane Sawmiller, and Suruchi Khemka.

Thank you!!!