In late November 2019 we visited with the children at the Hy Vong Home for Disabled Children. The caretakers told us of their current needs and we organized a visit. Our team bought everything at local markets, loaded up a van, and made the drive north to Ninh Hoa.

On this visit, we brought dried squid, dried fish, yellow noodles, white noodles, packages of milk, bottles of Siracha, bottles of fish sauce, dish soap, and two standing fans. We also handed out afternoon snacks and balloons for the children to play with. It was a lovely visit!

This wonderful gift was made possible through the kindness of a family in the USA. Thank you!!!


Located in the Suoi Cat district to the west of Nha Trang, the Hy Vong Home for Disabled Children offers a home and school for children with neurological disorders and disabilities whose parents cannot afford the specialized care their children require. The nuns and caretakers teach the children in classrooms on the grounds, and it is a loving and caring environment for these wonderful children.