In December 2017 we had two Christmas visits to the Dai An Orphanage. Dai An is a loving home to young orphans, located in the countryside to the south of Nha Trang. We contacted the caregivers at the orphanage to learn their immediate needs, and arranged to have Christmas parties for the children.

Our first visit was led by Loan and Nhan, and we brought presents and supplies for the orphanage inside the main common room. At the caregivers’ request, we brought lots of new blankets for the orphanage, and then Santa handed out presents to all the children. Afterwards, the children performed a dance they had learned in school (with our Santa trying to keep up), then dove into their gifts. A very fun party!

This special trip was made possible through the kind donations of Sharen Kelly and Stephen Milne. Thank you!!!

Our second visit was led by Mai Khanh, who brought general supplies for the orphanage, and more presents for the children, who gathered on the steps in front of the orphanage. The general supplies included toothpaste, cleaning supplies, bags of beans, seasonings, diapers, new clocks, a new globe, and general foodstuff. Our Santa handed out presents to all the children, and after opening their gifts, many were quick to try on their new clothes.

This second visit was made possible through kind donations from Julie & Kyle and a kind donor in New Jersey, USA. Thank you!!!