In December 2017 we visited the Lac Thien Orphanage with lots of supplies, plus fun presents for the children. Lac Thien is a loving home to the north of Nha Trang, in Ninh Hoa district. Dependent on donations for survival, we contacted the nuns to learn their most pressing needs, and to get some ideas on gifts to bring the orphans. Led by our lead coordinator Mai Khanh, our team loaded up a van and made the drive up to the orphanage. For the orphanage’s general supplies, we brought baby formula, eggs, dish soaps, laundry soaps, toilet paper, brooms, a hot water heater, and general foodstuff.

Many children were sporting Santa hats, and gathered in the courtyard for the Christmas party. The children each got their own present and some snacks, and everyone was eager to open their gifts. The presents consisted of toys and new clothes. It was a very fun party!

This Christmas visit was made possible through a kind donation from Kari Pepar and a donation in the name Bette Marcuson.

Thank you!!!