On January 24, 2019 we made a trip to the Song Lo Orphanage with essential supplies. Song Lo is a small orphanage to the south of Nha Trang that provides a loving home to the children in its care. The orphanage is dependent on donations for survival, and we contacted the nuns to learn the orphanage’s current needs.

Our team brought bags of dried mushrooms, packets of yogurt, many varieties of seasoning packets, beans, laundry soaps, bathroom supplies, and some snacks for the children. When our team arrived, the children came out and helped carry the supplies into the orphanage common room. They unpacked everything and were rewarded with some small treats. Our team spent some time with the nuns in the courtyard gardens while the children played. A lovely visit!

This charity trip was made possible through the kindhearted donations of Daniel Cole, Michael Nguyen, and Suruchi Khemka.

Thank you!!!