On January 23, 2014 we brought foodstuff and Tet gifts to the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children. This trip was made entirely possible through the kindness and generosity of Alan Dickinson of the Australia. Alan had donated to Lovingkindness in the past, and made a heartfelt contribution to bring comfort and joy to Vietnam’s neediest children on the country’s biggest holiday of the year.

The Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children is located south of Nha Trang in Cam Ranh, and is run by a dedicated group of nuns who assist poor families with disabled children. The home cares for blind, deaf, and children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy. There are no public resources available to families of these children. Thus Sai takes the children in five days a week, where they are given food, lodging, and education in classrooms at the home. The home resides in a closed compound surrounded by trees, and there are play facilities and a library for the children.

As the children are cared for five days a week, one of the home’s most pressing needs is foodstuff. Through Alan’s donation, we were able to buy large quantities of rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, other essential foodstuff, and lots of snacks for the children to enjoy during the Tet festival.

Thank you Alan for all that you’ve done for these wonderful children!