On January 22, 2014 we brought Tet gifts and other necessities to the Sunflower Children’s Home. These gifts were made entirely possible by Son Nguyen and Dong Le of the USA. Son made a generous donation in 2013 to the Mai Am Nhan Ai Orphanage, and together with his friend Dong, decided to bring joy to the children of Sunflower on Tet. The Sunflower Children’s Home is located in the heart of Nha Trang, and acts as a shelter and home to poor and threatened children. Most of the children are street kids, and were either homeless, orphaned, or abused. Run by nuns of the Society of the Devine Word, the children live in dormitories at Sunflower, and receive clothing, meals, education at local schools, and a loving environment in which to grow.

When our lead coordinator Hiep contacted Sunflower, she got a list of their most pressing needs. She arrived with some of our volunteers, and brought rice, cooking oil, laundry soap, dental supplies, other necessities the home was in need of, plus lots of traditional Tet food and drinks for the children. It was a fun visit, and our heartfelt thanks go to Son and Dong for their kindness and generosity!