On October 28, 2012 our Lead Coordinator, Ngoc, made a wonderful visit to the Thien Tam Orphanage. Ngoc is an English teacher in Nha Trang, and brought 20 of her students to the orphanage to donate to their cause, and introduce her students to the children. The families of Ngoc’s students made donations, consisting of rice, noodles, and snacks. They also brought balloons to make the occasion festive. Upon arriving, Ngoc’s group met Mr. Chi and Mrs. Lien, who run the orphanage at their home, and got right down to having fun with the little ones. They played games with the children and helped out at lunchtime. It was a wonderful day, and we thank Ngoc for coordinating everything, and a big thanks to the students and their families for contributing to the heartfelt cause of this small orphanage.