On May 9, 2012 a group of friends did some wonderful acts of charity. Led my Do Dinh Mai Khanh, a group of six friends took it upon themselves to help the needy in areas just outside of Nha Trang. They visited a small orphanage that receives few visitors, and drove out to an impoverished community where families live in lean-to shacks adjacent a landfill.

Bai Rac Community

Mai Khanh and her friends learned about a community that made their living sifting through the garbage at the Bai Rac Landfill west of Nha Trang. Every day, thousands of kilos of trash are dumped in the landfill, and the people go through the refuse looking for recyclable materials to sell. Their homes consist of wooden shacks with tin roofs, no running water, and no basic facilities. Their daily lives are desperate, dangerous, and bleak.

Mai Khanh and her friends pooled their money, and bought donations for the families and the children. They brought many clothes, bags of rice, noodles, milk, and large snack bags for everyone in the community. When they drove out, a small crowd gathered around, and the people were happy and gracious at being the recipients of such kindness.

Mai Am Thien Tam Orphanage

While most of the orphanages that Lovingkindness Vietnam assists have over 30 orphans in residence, there are several small loving homes for the area’s orphans that don’t often receive visitors. Mai Khanh and her friends heard about such a place just south of Nha Trang, not far from the Diamond Bay Resort. The Mai Am Thien Tam Orphanage is on a small road off the main highway, and cares for 13 children, all under 10 years of age. The facilities are clean, and the nuns bring love and joy into the lives of the little ones.

The group of friends once again pooled their money, and brought much needed gifts to the orphanage. They brought rice, noodles, milk, children’s clothes, and lots of fun snacks. They spent some time with the children, and left having made a wonderful difference in the lives of Nha Trang’s orphans.

We would like to commend Mai Khanh and her friends for their philanthropy, and thank them for their kindness and love.