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//School supplies for the village of Son Thai

School supplies for the village of Son Thai

On August 11, 2015 we brought school supplies to the poor village of Son Thai to the west of Nha Trang. Many of the poor villages in the rural mountains to the west of Nha Trang suffer in deep poverty. While all parents wish to send their children to school, many cannot afford the combined costs of a child’s education. Through the wonderful support of JL Support Services, we were able to buy 50 poor primary children all the school books and supplies that they will need for the upcoming school year. Our lead coordinator, Hiep, worked with the local government of Khanh Vinh district and the teachers at the Son Thai primary school in making this visit. We also handed out snacks, balloons, and fun hats to the children, who later gave us a tour of their classrooms.

Thank you for supporting these children’s education!

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