On September 24, 2018 we brought essential supplies and a fun Mid-Autumn Festival party to the Lac Thein Orphanage. Lac Thien is a loving home to a large group of orphans, located in Ninh Hoa to the north of Nha Trang. The orphanage is entirely dependent on donations for survival, and we contacted the caretakers to learn of their most pressing needs. When our team arrived, we brought boxes of dried squid, racks of eggs, bags of pork, bags of rice, package of moon cakes, bath soap, dish soap, fabric softener, spoons, chop sticks, and air freshener.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a special holiday for children, as they get to parade about with lanterns, eat traditional sweets such as moon cakes, and play games. We wanted the children at Lac Thien to enjoy the holiday, so our team brought a Mid-Autumn Festival party to the orphanage. First, they tied balloons and treats together and held them high against the ceiling with a string. The children took turns popping the balloons and pulling down the treats with long sticks. Next, teams played tug-of-war for prizes. Finally, the young ones climbed into rice sacks and had sack races for prizes. Everyone got their own lanterns, moon cakes, and gifts. The children had so much fun!

This special visit for the children was made possible through the kind donations of Paul Phan and Trina Diep.

Thank you!!!