On March 29, 2012 we visited the Mai Am Nhan Ai Orphanage with Liem Hong of the USA. Several months ago Liem contacted us about a visit he planned to make to Vietnam. The sole purpose of his trip was to do charity, and he had already given generously to causes in Ho Chi Minh City and Danang before coming to Nha Trang.  One week before his visit, Khanh talked with sister Bao Quyen at the orphanage, and learned that basic foodstuff was their most pressing need. We arranged everything ahead of time, and Thursday morning drove out to the orphanage. Loaded up in the van were bags of rice, bottles of cooking oil, dried fish, dried squid, dried shrimp, cooking spices, and boxes of noodles.

It was a cool overcast day, and on the drive down Liem told us about his desire to help those less fortunate in Vietnam. He has made it his personal mission, and this trip was just the beginning. Upon our arrival we could see that the nuns at Nhan Ai have done an amazing job fixing up the new building, and it stands as a testament to the love they have for the children. The kids were excited to have visitors, and had lots of fun with the balloons and snacks we brought along. We spent a few hours with the children, and Liem said he would like to do more to help this wonderful home for children.

Thank you Liem for your kindness and generosity!