On December 4, 2010 we visited the Mai Am Nhan Ai Orphanage with students from APC Diamond Bay International School. When the high school teachers at APC learned about the kids at the orphanage, they thought it would be an excellent idea to get the APC kids involved. They wished to teach the concept of charity and show that even students can make a difference in their community when they put their hearts into it. The high school students made posters and put them around the school, encouraging the junior high students and parents of the primary school kids to donate food, clothes, and toys.


After three weeks a sizeable amount of goods had been collected, and we loaded up the big orange APC school bus, and together with students, teachers and staff went to the orphanage. Lovingkindness Vietnam coordinated with Sister Bao Quyen, and the children were waiting for us when we arrived. The APC students distributed toys to the orphans, and got a tour of the orphanage. It was a wonderful experience for high school kids who had never before visited an orphanage, and planted the seed of kindness in their hearts. In addition to clothes and toys, APC donated rice, cooking oil, noodles, sugar, and other assorted foodstuff.