On July 23, 2012 we visited the Mai Am Anh Dao Orphanage with Lucette of the Quan Am Foundation. Also joining us was the Boisson family, making their second trip to the orphanage this month. Lucette got in touch with us in May of 2012, telling us of her visits to orphanages and charity schools in Cambodia and Vietnam on a previous visit. She became inspired to help others, and started the Quan Am Foundation in her home country of New Zealand. She set about raising money for the children, and asked for our assistance in coordinating her efforts in the area around Nha Trang. We’ve been more than happy to help!

Lucette spent several weeks in Nha Trang and did a staggering amount of charity for the Loc Tho Charity School. She formed a special connection with the children there, and visited them almost daily with gifts of food, clothing, and school supplies. Her fundraising in New Zealand also furnished one of the school’s classrooms with brand new desks for the new school year.

She told us that she wished to visit an orphanage, and we got in touch with Sister An Son at Mai Am Anh Dao. We loaded up a car and drove up to Ninh Hoa with many gifts from Lucette and the Boisson family. In all, there was a massive suitcase of clothes from New Zealand, shoes, toys, bathroom supplies, noodles, rice, eggs, cooking oil, condensed milk, seasonings, a box of dried squid, a box of dried fish, and snacks for the occasion. The Boisson family also contributed to the orphanage’s monthly expenses.

It was an inspiring morning, and it was wonderful to see Lucette getting to know all of the children. Thanks to everyone who donated to Lucette and the Quan Am Foundation’s mission in New Zealand, and the Boisson family for their continued support of the orphanage!