On September 5, 2013 we visited the Kim Son Charity School with new school uniforms provided by Lucette Dillion of the Quan Am Foundation in New Zealand. Lucette’s mission of love and kindness to impoverished children in Vietnam is an inspiration, and she pledged to help the nuns at Kim Son on her last visit to the area in April of this year.

The Kim Son Charity School offers free primary schooling for poor youngsters in the community north of Nha Trang. Many parents in Vietnam cannot afford the many fees of public schools, so the nuns at Kim Son have taken it upon themselves to ensure the children in their community receive an education. Teacher’s salaries, school books, supplies, and school uniforms are all supplied through donations.

In addition to providing free primary schooling, Kim Son also has a free vocational school for those seeking a career in tailoring. All of the materials for the uniforms were provided by Lucette’s donation, and the students at the vocational school sewed the uniforms in their classroom. One of our lead coordinators with Kim Son, Hiep, presented the uniforms to the children on the first day of school. The fifth of September is traditionally the start of the new school year in Vietnam, and ceremonies are held throughout the country.

Thank you Lucette and everyone who contributed to the Quan Am Foundation!