On September 5, 2013 we brought all new uniforms to the Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage. Richard and Marjorie of the USA continue their amazing support for Loc Tho, and the mission of caring for Vietnam’s most desperate children. The Loc Tho Charity School offers free primary schooling for poor youngsters in the community west of Nha Trang. Many parents in Vietnam cannot afford the many fees of public schools, so the nuns at Loc Tho have taken it upon themselves to ensure the children of their community receive an education. Teacher’s salaries, school books, supplies, and school uniforms are all supplied through donations.

When Richard and Marjorie heard of Loc Tho’s efforts to buy new school uniforms for the children, they set about raising contributions from their friends and family. Our lead coordinator with Loc Tho, Hiep, arranged for the uniforms to be made through local shops, and presented them to the children on the first day of school. The fifth of September is traditionally the start of the new school year in Vietnam, and ceremonies are held throughout the country. It was wonderful that the children at Loc Tho could have their own ceremony to start their school term with brand new uniforms.

Thank you Richard and Marjorie, family and friends!