On August 20, 2013 we brought gifts to the Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage for the holiday of Vu Lan.

Also known as Parents Day, Vu Lan is celebrated by visiting pagodas and honoring parents and ancestors. A popular tradition in Vietnam is to receive a flower at the pagoda to honor a person’s mother. People receive a red flower is their mother is still living, and a white flower if their mother has passed away.

In addition to providing free primary schooling for 100 poor children, Loc Tho also cares for elderly women who have nowhere else to go. These women help care for the smaller children, and do what they can around the pagoda. For the holiday we gave each of these women a gift of new clothes and a special milk popular with Vietnamese elderly.

These wonderful gifts were made possible by Richard and Marjorie, who once again brought love and compassion to Vietnam. Thank you!