On January 6, 2012 we visited the Kim Son Charity School with students from APC Nha Trang. APC is an international school, and the teachers wanted the children to learn firsthand about the joys of charity. One month prior, the school began a donation drive, getting students, parents, and teachers involved. The high school students led the way with a fundraising cookout, and over the next month students brought in a variety of food, school supplies, and gifts for the children at Kim Son.

On Friday morning students, teachers and APC staff piled into the orange APC school bus and drove up to Kim Son. The kids at Kim Son were great, and lined up outside their classrooms to great us. We stacked up the donations, and Lovingkindness Vietnam also contributed red envelopes of “lucky money” to all 80 children in honor of the Vietnamese New Year, Tet.

The students of APC got to meet and talk with the students of Kim Son, and it was a wonderful day for all of the children. Our thanks to everyone at APC who made this special trip possible.