On April 26, 2018 we had a fun visit at the Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage. Loc Tho runs a free primary school for neighborhood children whose parents cannot afford the costs of public school. These costs include textbooks, school uniforms, school supplies, backpacks, shoes, and school fees. All of these are paid for through donations at Loc Tho, and the children attend classes with accredited teachers in classrooms on the Loc Tho grounds. Loc Tho cares for a number of orphans as well.

The nuns of Loc Tho provide breakfast and lunch for the children, and on this visit, we brought lots of healthy food supplements for the children’s meals. As a surprise, we also brought badminton sets, jump ropes, and balls for the children to exercise. The children were excited to see the sports equipment and were quick to try them out.

This visit was made possible through the kind donations of Lloyd and Esther.

Thank you!!!