On March 31, 2016 we visited the Kim Son Charity School with some special gifts for the vocational school. Kim Son runs 2 free schools at their peaceful country setting north of Nha Trang, a primary school and a vocational school. The primary school offers accredited schooling to poor children in the community whose family cannot afford the costs of public schools, such as buying uniforms, textbooks, school supplies, and school fees.

Kim Son also provides a free vocational school that teaches sewing skills for young people wishing to pursue a career as a seamstress, tailor, or in the garment industry. Vocational schools are popular but costly in Vietnam, and Kim Son’s free vocational school has been very successful in empowering young people in poor communities in their future careers.

On this visit, we brought Kim Son a brand new industrial sewing machine to help students gain experience. Most of the school’s sewing machines are older models, and some are even the antique Butterfly machines, which are still popular with some of Vietnam’s artisans. We also brought fabric and thread for the vocational school, and snacks for the primary school.

This wonderful gift was made possible through the kindness of a family in the USA.

Thank you!!!