On April 21, 2019 we had a fun visit to the Thien Tam Orphanage. Thien Tam is a loving home to a small group of orphans, located just south of Nha Trang. We contacted the caregivers to learn the orphanage’s most pressing needs, and organized a trip with lots of essential supplies. We brought bags of rice, boxes of noodles, bags of bean varieties, bottles of fish sauce, soy sauce, and cooking oil, lots of seasonings, and cleaning supplies.

The children helped carry everything from the truck to the orphanage’s steps, and helped unpack all the supplies. As a special treat for the children, we brought bread and cheese spread, which the children enjoyed at their lunch table. It was a very fun visit!

This trip was sponsored by Dane Sawmiller, Michael Phan, Daniel Cole, Hai Nguyen, and an anonymous donation from an employee at Chevron.

Thank you!!!