On April 24, 2015 we visited the Mai Am Anh Dao Orphanage with many fun gifts. This trip was sponsored by JL Support Services, whose devotion to the orphans at Anh Dao is inspiring. Our lead coordinator, Khanh, loaded up a van with provisions and drove up from Nha Trang for the visit. When everything was unloaded, there was fresh milk, cooking oil, instant noodles, porridge, detergents and soaps,, wash cloths, wash tubs, brooms, toothbrushes and toothpaste, lots of fun snacks, a new water dispenser, and a new water purifier. A special gift for this visit was a box loaded with Beanie Babies for the children. After Prof. Khanh handed out the Beanie Babies, the children overjoyed and hugged them tightly. The Beanie Babies were all donated by Beth Firestone.

As with all of Khanh’s visits, there were lots of games to be played. It was a very fun day. Thank you Beth, and thank you JL Support Services!