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///Field Trip for the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children

Field Trip for the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children

On June 2, 2016 we organized a fun field trip for the children of the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children. This trip was in celebration of Children’s Day and commemorating the end of the school year. Run by nuns, Thua Sai is a loving home and school for children with neurological and mental health issues. Thua Sai also cares for several deaf children, and is the home to several orphans. These children come from poor families who cannot afford the private care that their children require, and the nuns at Thua Sai welcome them with open arms. Most of the children come to the center Monday – Friday, where they receive schooling, care, and meals.

Our lead coordinator, Mai Khanh and her team, took all of the children and the nuns on a fun outing in Nha Trang. Their first stop was the Oceanographic Institute’s aquarium and museum, where the children got to see many varieties of local sea life. Next, they went to the big mall in Nha Trang for food and games. The children had a party and lunch at Jolly Bee’s, had lots of fun in the arcade, and finished the day doing arts and crafts.

This wonderful day was made possible through the kind donations of Kathleen Williams, Ana & Janus Tomkewicz, Taryn Loubani, and Ron Weekes.

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