On October 10, 2015 we brought essential supplies to the Song Lo Orphanage. This trip was sponsored by the loving dedication of JL Support Services.

The Song Lo Orphanage is adjacent a pagoda of the same name west of Nha Trang, in the quiet countryside. The nuns at the orphanage care for 10 children, including a newborn baby and a child with cerebral palsy. They rely entirely upon donations, and told our team what their immediate needs were. Led by our coordinators Loan and Nhan, we brought the orphanage bags of rice, packages of noodles, mushrooms, cooking sauces, washcloths, diapers, sleeping mats, seasonings, a hot water cooker, a drinking water filter, small toys, and snacks. The children were adorable, and our team spent time at the orphanage as the orphans ate their yummy snacks.

Thank you JL Support Services!