On June 5, 2018 we visited the Dai An Orphanage with lots of essential supplies. Dai An is a loving home to a large group of young orphans in the countryside to the west of Nha Trang. The orphanage is dependent on donations for survival, and we contacted the caretakers and asked what they needed. Our team gathered all the supplies, loaded up a van, and drove out to the orphanage.

For this visit we brought 4 new wall-mounted fans to keep the children cool in the summer heat, bathroom supplies, and cleaning supplies. To make the atmosphere fun, we handed out balloons and snacks to the children. After bringing everything inside, we put together the fans, and the children had lots of fun with their snacks and balloons.

This trip was made possible through the kind donations of Sharron Kelly, Stephen Milne, and Scott Huynh.

Thank you!!!