On April 10, 2016 we brought special gifts to the Song Lo Orphanage. Song Lo is a small orphanage in the countryside to the west of Nha Trang, and cares for 10 young children. The older children attend the local primary school, and the nuns at Song Lo had asked for additional help for the children’s education. It’s common in Vietnam for children to receive tutoring outside of class, to help struggling students as well as ensure that students are maintaining high grades in all of their subjects. Math, science, and language arts are the 3 main focusses in primary school, and the material can be daunting for young children.

With the help of JL Support Services, we are providing extra tutoring for all of the students at Song Lo. On this visit, we also brought 2 new wardrobe cabinets, general food supplies, soaps, cleaning products, toys, and school supplies.

Thank you for supporting the orphanage and the children’s education!!!