In mid-October 2019 we visited the Suoi Cat Charity Home with essential supplies and a surprise birthday celebration. We had contacted the caretakers and learned of the home’s most pressing needs. We bought everything at local markets, loaded up a van, and made the drive out to Suoi Cat.

The girls helped bring everything into the main common room. We brought boxes of noodles, cooking pots and pans, boxes of milk, new bath towels, bottles of soy sauce, seasonings, bags of flour, and more.

As a fun surprise, we organized a birthday party for 2 of the home’s girls. All of these children come from poor families, and birthday parties are rare events. We wanted to throw a party for all of the girls at the Suoi Cat Charity Home, so decorated the common room with balloons and brought 2 cakes for everyone to share. The girls were so surprised! They got into the party atmosphere and put on hats, played with the balloons, and shared the cakes. Afterwards, some of the girls performed a dance for our team of volunteers, and then everyone sat down for a big lunch. Such a lovely visit!

This charity visit was made on behalf and in memory of Vinh-Quang Hao Nguyen.


Suoi Cat is a poor community to the west of Nha Trang, composed of rural farming hamlets that live in poverty. The Suoi Cat Charity Home is a loving place that houses and cares for many of the community’s children whose families struggle to support and provide for them. The home is composed of young children and teenage girls, who stay at the home year-round, sleep in dormitories, and have meals together in a communal dining hall. The children attend public school and receive tutoring and extra lessons at the home.