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///Bathroom Project Complete at Song Lo Orphanage

Bathroom Project Complete at Song Lo Orphanage

On May 16, 2015 we completed our bathroom project at the Song Lo Orphanage. This project was sponsored by the incredible dedication and kind hearts of JL Support Services.

The Son Lo Orphanage was only recently discovered by our volunteers in Nha Trang. Located one hour west of Nha Trang in the sleepy hamlet of Song Lo, the orphanage cares for 10 children, all under 8 years old. The orphanage is run by one nun, and their facilities are extremely basic. Before this project, the children had no bathroom facilities, impacting their hygiene and safety.

We began installing facilities that included sinks, toilets, and showers two months ago. Upon completion, the children were happy to give us a tour!


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