On May 17, 2015 we visited the Kim Son Charity School with bicycles and a water filtration system. Kim Son offers free primary schooling to children of poor families in the community, and provides uniforms, school books, school supplies, and classes taught by accredited teachers. Breakfast and lunch are provided for some of the children. Kim Son also has a free vocational school that teaches sewing skills for young adults in the area.

As the school year is winding down, the teachers at Kim Son identified the 3 top students who had achieved the best grades and shown themselves to be accedemically outstanding pupils. All students are encouraged to continue on to middle and high school after finishing at Kim Son, and achieve the highest level of education possible to break the cycle of poverty. To mark the achievement of the 3 top students, we bought brand new bicycles for them to use when coming to school. Well done students!!!!

With so many students at the school, the nuns worried that their drinking water wasn’t as purified as it could be. So on this trip, we also brought a water filtration system that will ensure that everyone at Kim Son will have clean, safe drinking water.

This trip was made possible by a diverse and generous group of individuals from all parts of the world. These people made this trip a reality.

Our deepest thanks to Thu Quyen Nguyen, Jenny Dian, Daniel Cole, Tuan Nguyen, Michelle Benarroche, Dane Sawmiller, Sharon Page, Nhu Le, Pam Dawdy, Steffenie Jones, Dominic Trong Khuong, Geoff Mitchell, and Kerri Ballenger.