November 26, 2011 we visited the Mai Am Anh Dao Orphanage in Ninh Hoa. The Boisson family has made it a monthly routine to visit this wonderful orphanage with food and other gifts for the children being cared for by Sister An Son. We drove up on a rainy day with a car filled with food to help give the children a more varied died for their meals. When donations are low they sometimes eat only rice and simple vegetables..

They brought boxes of dried fish, squid and shrimp, cooking oil, eggs, noodles, seasoning, milk, sugar, beans, laundry soap, and snacks. As always, the children were adorable, and dug right into the Choco Pie snacks that we brought. It was a great visit all around!

Thank you once again to the Boisson family for their heartfelt generosity!