On May 7th, 2011 we brought books, games, and toys to the Mai Am Anh Dao Orphanage.

Last month we met Ai-Shan Curry on her visit to Nha Trang. When she returned to Seattle in the USA she told her friends about the wonderful children at Mai Am Anh Dao. Ai-Shan said that she would like the orphanage to have a library that can help enrich the lives of the children. She made a generous donation to this cause, and we visited a bookstore in town and were able to buy a wide range of books. There are board books for toddlers, many different titles for younger kids, some nice books for teenagers, and a nice full-color children’s encyclopedia.

One of Ai-Shan’s friends, Sheila Nguyen, got in touch with us and expressed her desire to bring games and other toys to the orphanage. She made a very generous donation, and we were able to buy a wide variety of items. We bought board games, chess games, electronic games, puzzles, badminton sets, school backpacks, pencil cases, building blocks, and lots of fun toys for the younger kids.

On Saturday morning we drove up to Ninh Hoa to deliver Ai-Shan’s and Sheila’s gifts. When everything was unloaded and spread out on the table, Sister An Son was amazed at the amount of books, games, and toys that lay before her. The children were, of course, beside themselves with glee. Never before had they received so many wonderful presents in a single visit!

It was a fantastic trip, and on behalf of Sister An Son and all of the children, we would like to say thank you to Ai-Shan and Sheila for their incredible generosity.