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///Mai Am Anh Dao Orphanage – May 15, 2014

Mai Am Anh Dao Orphanage – May 15, 2014

On May 15, 2014 we brought visitors to the Mai Am Anh Dao Orphanage and their generous donations to the children. Last month we were contacted by Rick Nguyen, who was planning on visiting Vietnam in May and wished to do something to help the orphans. He expressed a desire to visit Anh Dao, and we immediately contacted our lead coordinator, Ngoc, to help with the arrangements. Ngoc contacted Sister Anh Son so they would expect us. Upon arriving in Nha Trang, Ngoc met with Rick, and on the 15th they set out for Anh Dao about an hour’s drive north of Nha Trang in Ninh Hoa.

As always, the children were happy to receive guests, and pitched in unloading the van. Rick spent time getting to know the children, and spoke with Sister Anh Son about the orphanage. The donations included boxes of noodles, eggs, dried seafood, diapers, condensed milk, and many other essential provisions. Rick’s kindness has made a direct impact in the lives of the children.

Our thanks to Rick and all who contributed to his visit!

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