On July 25, 2013 we had a wonderful visit to the Mai Am Anh Dao Orphanage sponsored by the Boisson family. Located north of Nha Trang in Ninh Hoa district, Anh Dao cares for about 80 orphans from newborns to high school age. Khanh and Jeff Boisson have a long connection to Anh Dao, and have made countless visits over the years. Even from their home in France they never stop thinking about the amazing children and what they can do to help.

When they got in touch with us we immediately put our team in Nha Trang to work. We contacted Sister An Son and learned that Anh Dao was running low on food. Our team did all of the shopping, loaded up a van, and made the hour long drive up to Ninh Hoa. When everything was unloaded there were bags of rice, boxes of noodles, stacks of eggs, and boxes of dried fish, dried squid, and dried shrimp.

The children were excited to have visitors, and we made the occasion more festive with snacks and balloons. Special thanks to Leo, Lea, and Lena.

Thank you!