On August 4, 2013 we visited the poor village of Ninh Hung in Ninh Hoa district, north of Nha Trang. Our volunteers Loan and Nhan have contacts in that region, and were aware that the people in Ninh Hung always struggle with basic necessities. Our team coordinated with the Lien Hoa pagoda in Ninh Hung, focusing the gifts on the children of the village, as the new school year is fast approaching. Each student received noodles, toothpaste, soap, comic books, and funds to pay for all of their school supplies for the new school term.

The major donors for this trip were friends of Thich Tam Nhan, friends and family of Phan Thi Ngoc Loan and Le Thanh Nhan, friends and family of Hong Ngoc Quang Ha, Khanh Boisson, and Khanh Sims. Joining us on the trip were friends and family of our team and professor Hoang of a local university.

Thank you everyone for making this a wonderful day for so many needy children!