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School Supplies for Kim Son

On October 27, 2016 we visited the Kim Son Charity School with lots of school supplies for the students. Kim Son offers free primary schooling to neighborhood youngsters whose parents cannot afford the costs of a public school. These costs include buying school uniforms, textbooks, school supplies, and paying school fees. The school provides accredited teachers for poor children of the community, and all the supplies they need to receive an education.

The nuns at Kim Son rely upon donations to survive, and told us they the children were in need of certain school supplies. On this visit, we brought pencil cases, packets of writing supplies, notebooks, erasable writing tablets, and rain ponchos. This visit was provided by Tiendat Tran, Hien Trinh, Dane Sawmiller, Nhu Le, Suruchi Khemka, and an anonymous donor from the Great West Life Giving Campaign.

Thank you!!!

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