In April 2021 we had a lovely visit with the children at the Anh Dao Orphanage. Anh Dao is a large orphanage with many mouths to feed, and we reached out to the head nun to learn what we could bring them on a charity trip. She provided a detailed list of foodstuff and general supplies, and our team bought everything at local markets before making the drive north into Ninh Hoa.

When we arrived, the children met our team in the courtyard and helped carry everything into the main common room. On this visit, we brought fans, dish soap, detergent, fabric softener, body wash, toothpaste, floor soap, toiletries, mushrooms, vegan beef, vegan pork, bean curd sheets, vegan meat pie, Ramen noodles, cooking oil, soy sauce, seasonings, sausages, mung beans, black beans, and peanuts.

They brought out lots of chairs for the smaller children, and our group of volunteers cut up fresh watermelon slices for everyone to enjoy. Afterwards, the children took our group on a tour of the orphanage grounds, including the expansive fruit and vegetable garden in the back. It was a wonderful visit!

This charity trip was made possible through the kindhearted donations of Philip Doughty, Richard Atwater, Elyse Vu, KTD Services LLC, Jennifer Nichols, and an anonymous donor from Thank you!!!


Founded in 2004 by the Buddhist nun Thich Nu An Son, a large group of orphans are cared for at this wonderful home in Ninh Hoa, 62 kilometers north of Nha Trang. Visit the orphanage and you’ll find a well-organized and loving environment. The children are happy, and it’s a joy to sit, talk, and play with the little ones. To help provide nourishment to the children, and as a small means of earning funds, Sister An Son tends a small farm behind the orphanage, in front of the girl’s living quarters. The children eat the vegetables that are grown here, and the surplus can be sold to help pay for monthly expenses.