On March 28, 2018 we brought lots of essential supplies to the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children. Thua Sai is a loving home and school for children with neurological disorders whose parents cannot afford the specialized care their children require. Located in the countryside of Cam Ranh, the nuns at Thua Sai provide for the children and offer a nurturing home.

We contacted the nuns about their needs, and our team brought boxes of noodles, bags of rice, cartons of eggs, seasonings, soaps, cleaning products, school supplies, snacks, and balloons. The children gathered in the main common room, and everyone had fun with their balloons. It was a fun day!

This visit was made possible through the kind donations of Alexander Pham, Daniel Cole, Anh Thu Nguyen, Kari Pepar, Suruchi Khemka, and Dan, Van, and Devin Haynes.

Thank you!!!