On October 25, 2017 we visited the Suoi Cat Charity Home with lots of essential supplies. The Suoi Cat district is a poor region to the west of Nha Trang, and the Suoi Cat Charity Home provides a caring place for young children and teenage girls to live, whose parents struggle to provide for them. There are dormitories, a large dining hall, classrooms, and play areas. Room and board are provided, and all children receive an education. There is a free daycare and kindergarten, plus tutoring and vocational lessons.

With many poor children under their care, the nuns at the home rely on donations to continue their kindhearted mission. We contacted them to learn their most pressing needs, and Mai Khanh and her team organized a trip. We brought 76 rain coats and ponchos for the rainy season, boxes of noodles, seasonings, toothpaste, snacks and toys, dish soap, and 6 clothes drying racks.

The children gathered in the common room, and our team handed out the snacks and toys. Mai Khanh then led everyone in songs and fun dances, which had everyone laughing. The children dove into their snacks, and had fun with their bubble-blowing toys. We toured the kitchen and music room, and after setting up the clothes drying racks in the back of the home, the children hung their clean clothes up to dry.

This visit was made possible through the kind donations of the McDuffie family and the Lovingkindness General Fund.

Thank you!!!